About the Sapphire Family

Who is Sapphire Leadership Group, LLC?

The Visible Shell

Sapphire Leadership Group, LLC is a 20 year old company, headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, founded and led by Arthur Burk.

We are a for profit corporation with branches in Canada, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa and Australia. We maintain a strong collegial relationship with thinkers, social entrepreneurs and change agents of all sorts around the world.

We are a think tank, devoted to finding Biblically based tools for producing measurable, verifiable, sustained change in our culture. We generally do not look at problems that others are already studying. We seek out the untouched problems. We occupy a small niche, serving primarily the ideologically driven sector of the Body of Christ.

Our current projects include researching the genome of the fractals of four, five and 12; studying brain structures that contribute to intractable mother/daughter problems; testing new strategies for pediatric epilepsy; apps for the deliverance community to facilitate diagnostics; and erasing the line between the secular and sacred in marketing strategies for businesses.

The Invisible Heart of the Company

I am a pragmatic dreamer. On the pragmatic side, I have been in business since I was 13 years old, and I have a keen appreciation for lean, fluid processes as well as ROI which can be measured in many ways beyond dollars. Goose bumps at a religious service don’t count. I like measurables! On the pragmatic side, I think the Christian community today is giving the King a poor ROI for His investment on the cross and in the grave.

I am also a dreamer. In the principles of the Word of God I see a vast treasure chest of dynamic forces that can be woven together. Just like an airplane is the precise assembly of millions of components according to thousands of laws of science, my belief is that there are vast opportunities to do new things using all the playing fields life provides, along with the thousands of principles in the Word of God.

The Church historically has spurned living principles, embracing instead the limitations of theology. They have avidly pursued miracles as the means of transcending the present reality, disdaining the hard work of the research lab, where the principles are applied to hypothesis which are then refined repeatedly.

SLG is a different kind of company. Our passion for our Great King is unrelenting. Our belief in the vast opportunities before us makes life exhilarating. We embrace the power of God joyously but devote our energy primarily to finding principles and finding contemporary applications for those principles.

My childhood role model was George Washington Carver. God spoke to him in the woods one day telling him to disassemble the peanut. He did, separating oils, protein, fiber, etc. Then God spoke a second time saying, “Reassemble those components using the principles of pressure, temperature and compatibility.”

He did, and the synthetics industry was born.

What He did to science, we are beginning to do with social structures. Where there are people doing things – anything – there are building blocks. We seek to apply the principles of the Word of God to those building blocks to move the culture forward from the horse and buggy to the jumbo jet era.

Our passion is not broadly shared. We don’t care. Our mission is confusing to many. Not to us. Our products are esoteric in the eye of most. Like the Wright Brothers, we are sure subsequent generations will build on our trail blazing efforts.

Our ideas are not for the masses (yet) but the desperately hurting and the passionately visionary find tools worth using here.

We are, without apologies, not your father’s think tank, business consultant or Christian business.

Arthur Burk