Time & Space

Innsbruck is an Exhorter city. On the fourth day of creation, the Exhorter day, God created the largest amount of matter and commanded it to keep time in alignment for the whole of the cosmos.

In our research on the history and the essence of Innsbruck, it appears that the misalignment of time/space is one of the central components of the enemy’s strategy to block the Kingdom of God.

The album Land Dynamics is available here, if you wish to explore the back story.

We are assembling a team to enthrone Jesus in Innsbruck on the proper alignment of time/space. To do that, we will have a worship event each day, with people from around the world celebrating God’s alignment of time/space.

This is a list of Scripture passages that the worshippers can draw from if they wish. This list will be expanded over time. Each time a passage is used for worship, we will move it to THIS page. There are surely 1,000 unique worship experiences we can have about the alignment of time/space and after three years, the city should be measurably different in many ways.


Genesis 1.3        Time and space were created

Genesis 1.4        Time and space were segmented

Genesis 1.6        Weather was created. All agricultural wealth depends on the time/space alignment of weather

Genesis 1.9        Seeds were created, and fertility depends on time and space alignment

Genesis 1.14      Time was governed to keep it in alignment

Genesis 1.20      Volitional movement (motion) across time and space was created

Genesis 1.26      Dominion over time and space was imparted

Genesis 1.28      The multiplication of movement was blessed

Genesis 2.7        Life came into man

Genesis 2.8        God planted a garden in a specific place

Genesis 2.10      God created four rivers to flow to specific places

Genesis 2.15      God ordered men to steward time and space

Genesis 2.19      God orchestrated motion in time and space

Genesis 2.21      God made woman out of a different kind of matter

Genesis 3.1        The devil appears in time and space

Genesis 3.7        Man was alienated from their own space

Genesis 3.14      The first curse on motion

Genesis 3.16      The second curse on motion

Genesis 3.17      The third curse on motion

Genesis 3.23      The first exclusion from space

Genesis 3.24      The first use of motion for war

Genesis 4.8        Space was chosen intentionally for sin

Genesis 4.11      The forth curse on time and space

Genesis 4.5        The fifth curse on time and space

Genesis 4.16      The first voluntary departure from God’s presence

Genesis 4.21      Time and space produced music

Genesis 5.3        Life spans began to be measured

Genesis 6.2        Boundaries for essence were defiantly violated

Genesis 6.18      God preserves life while assaulting time and space