Time & Space




In order to build a fortress of righteousness in the domain of time/space in Innsbruck, different people will call from around the world to share with Serina their view of God’s essence.

This is the journal of the themes that are chosen and developed.


1. November 20, 2018     Nathan     Genesis 26
Specifically from verse 23. Because of the action from Isaac, Time & Space came into alignment and different things started to flow, like they found water.

2. November 21, 2018     Arthur     Acts 9
God brought Saul to Syria, to a specific piece of land, Time & Space comes into alignment. Saul is transformed and it changed world's history. We prayed that for Innsbruck and that God will bring the right people here for them to be transformed.

3. November 22, 2018    Christine     Luke 2
Anna and Simeon are in the temple dedicating Jesus. Time ans space came into alignment that everyone was there at the exact right time. We extend this to Innsbruck, that people would to be at the right time in Innsbruck and have an encounter with God and other people.

4. November 23, 2018     Arthur      Acts 2
Jerusalem was the right place. Pentecost was not one of the three feast where everyone should come to Jerusalem, but they were there and exactly in front the right house to hear the sermon. Time & Space came into alignment. International people have been in town. Extended this to Innsbruck, that God micromanage the people and time.

5. November 24, 2018    Dave & Susan 
Israelites moving out of Egypt after 400 years and going into the promise land. God has the right time. Noah and the Arch - Time & Space came into alignment. Every person is on earth at the exact right time. Prayer for Innsbruck that the right people come to Innsbruck and go again when it's time.

6. November 26, 2018     Arthur      Genesis 1, 26
Here God used Time & Space for the first time in regards of dominion. Rule over – is a different ruling. It relates to rule over animals and to move them accordingly. God designed us control their movements. It is a gift to mankind.God didn't take the ruling away. Proclaiming over Innsbruck the animals, birds are in right motion and reaffirming that this is normative.

7. November 27, 2018     Arthur      Joshua 1-5
The Canaanite were an Exhorter tribe. God begun with Time & Space to part the Jordan river. God required something small and did the heaving lifted. The objective is intimacy. For Innsbruck praying for a path way for the supernatural to mess with Time & Space and to reveal new facets of Jesus Christ.

8. November 28, 2018     Arthur      2 King 9
Time & Space coming alignment for God's judgement to kill Jezebel. Praying for Innsbruck that the right people will be in the city and everyone who should not be will leave.

9. November 29, 2018     Christine      Luke 1
Zechariah and Elisabeth were not able to get children until the time was right and John the Baptist was born and the time difference between him and Jesus was right. Zechariah was in the temple, to the exact right time to give the prophecy.

10. November 30, 2018     Arthur      Exodus 7
Moses staff (space) became a serpent (time) and ate the serpents of Pharaoh's wise men. It was supernatural fast how it ate those since serpents swallow slowly other serpents. God and devil's Time and Space. Asking God to speed up battle in Innsbruck and revealing new colors of His wisdom.

11. December 1, 2018     Dave 
We celebrated how God created the mountains and that each is made for a purpose and being strategic. Time & Space coming into alignment in Innsbruck as the North and South side represents Time & Space.

12. December 2, 2018     Megan      Jospeh OT
Joseph had dreams and his brothers dried to kill him. Ruben was at the right time in place and saved Joseph life. When Joseph was sold to the traders Ruben was not there. Time & Space. History would have been different if Joseph would have been killed. God brings moments of history.

13. December 3, 2018     Nathan      Genesis 26
God appeared Isaak in the night. A few moments where Time & Space came into alignment.

14. December 4, 2018     Ursula     Joshua 10
God stopped sun, moon and stars. God stopped His order for judgment of His enemt. He is sovereign. Joshua trusted God to ask for something so big. To do something supernatural so that something natural comes back. Also in Innsbruck.

15. December 5, 2018     Arthur     Daniel 2
Babylonian kingdom was biggest and the worst that excited. Ezekiel ordination was done because of his exile in Babylon. An amazing cleansing happened before that through motion through the angels. God sent honour angel to sanctify space. Blessings over Innsbruck, a transformation on the south and north side and time and space.

16. December 6, 2018 Christine John 1:15
God called Himself “I AM” and John says of Jesus that “HE WAS” — I’m sure the people of John’s time clearly say the reference to Jesus being God! Especially after the previous time comments regarding the fact that Jesus came after John (in both birth and in ministry) but that He actually came into being long before John! An amazing statement made at a crucial intersection of time and space.

17. December 7, 2018     Susan      Luke 1
Christ birth. Fulfilment at the right time. Throughout whole Scripture there is writing about the birth. In the fullness of time. God had plans from beginning of time.

18. December 8, 2018     Dave
Rivers in Scriptures. Inn, time and space in alignment.

19. December 9, 2018     Megan     Judges 4
Fight against Canaanites. Woman gets honour. Sisera is running away ends up in camp. Sisera walks in tent Jeal is not friends even though he thought. She drives steak through his head.

20. December 10, 2018     Nathan     John 7
When there is something we don’t understand we conflate it. There is a Kairos time and we call that forth. Being sensitive for God's timing. Alignment with God's timing and space.

21. December 11, 2018     Ursula     Genesis 3,17
God has the right and only right to curse because He created it. Celebrating His right. He can redeem what He curses.

22. December 12, 2018     Arthur
Elijah - 1. God's time 2. Change of cadence. No rain until Elijah 18, 1 says. God takes initiative, and it rains. Time & Space came into alignment and it changed enormously. From slow to high speed.

23. December 13, 2018     Christine
Josiah became a king when he was 8 years old. His great grand father was Heskia. Josiah started to look after God and cleansed the temple. When he was 26, in the fullness of time he found book of the law in temple after cleansing it.

24. December 14, 2018     Susan
God told Moses that it is his end of life time and to climb the mountain. God met him and showed him all the territory. God berrying Moses. God in motion on someone's life. Uniqueness God in motion.

25. December 15, 2018     Dave
Cornelius was in Sisera. Peter goes up the roof. Sheet with animals. God knows Peters heart and how much time it would take.

26. December 16, 2018     Megan
God calls Jonah to Nineveh. Lot’s of Time & Space pieces. Which boat that he chose. Storm. Sea creature. All same time. Casting lot, motion. Synch of time. Three days to be spit out at right time at the right place.

27. December 17, 2018     Arthur
Battle Joshua. Stop whole cosmos. Daylight to kill them but they still ran away. Hail killed more people. Time space as they run. Synergy between God and men. Asking God do that for Innsbruck, a mmiracle that is vastly larger to align Time & Space.

28. December 18, 2018     Ursula     2 King 2
Elisa had courage to ask ddouble portion of anointing. The other prophets were at the right time at the right place to witness. We can ask God more and he doesn't get offended. For Innsbruck supernatural. Asking God to awaken the land in Innsbruck to recognise the people of God.

29. December 19, 2018     Jenna     John 4
Samaritan woman. Jesus walking there. Disciples went to buy food. They left so Jesus could minister to her. When she went back to town the people were open. Two days Jesus stayed. Time and space alignment. God sees the vulnerable and makes time to align and minister.

30. December 20, 2018    Christine     Revelation 21
Change is space. Place for God to dwell among men. Pattern of alignment of land in the city and people.

31. December 21, 2018     Susan
God kept the prayer for a long time and then bring it to space. Zacharias and Elisabeth. Angel came - God has heard your prayer. Many prayers for Innsbruck. At right time they will be answered.

32. December 22, 2018     Arthur     King David and Goliath.
Harp skills. He developed skills in abusive situations. Sling shot. Micro. Macro Israel. Soul died. Absalom. He moved rightly macro benefit came from foundation of injustice. Using time and not complaining.

33. December 20, 2018     Christine     Revelation 21
Change is space. Place for God to dwell among men. Pattern of alignment of land in the city and people.

34. December 23, 2018     Megan    Joshua
When the Amorites were gone. Israelites and Amorites running. Chaos with the stones. Air wind.

35. December 24, 2018     Arthur     Revelation 5
Destructive beings. Abadon and Napoleon. Torment the ungodly. God uses them to collect taxes. They are locked up. 5th angels. Star falling down.

36. December 25, 2018     Arthur     Deborah
Barak didn't have what it took. Gender issue. Stars were fighting for them that's why they won. Time and space in order. Assignment. Place in time specifically. Defiance against lies of the enemy

37. December 26, 2018     Jenna     Acts 9
Soul to Paul. Conversion. Damascus can see again. God the same. Hake the firewalls.

38. December 27, 2018     Christine     Moses
Moses in Nile. Pharaohs daughter in Nile bath. Basket. Jochebed. Time & space. Alignment of hearts in time and space in Innsbruck.

39. December 28, 2018     Arthur
Waters above and below coming into alignment. Weather in alignment.

40. December 29, 2018     Arthur     Jonah
Had bleach skin from being in the whale. Niniveh. God mad plant to give shade. Worm that killed plant. God confronted him. God is in controlling time and space.

41. December 30, 2018     Megan     Peter
At pentecost. Sermon. All people coming together. Everyone process and being on time and the right place.Innsbruck coordination with people.

42. January 1, 2019     Ursula     Matt 17: 1-5
Jesus - transfiguration. He interrupted time and space to bring people who died to meet with Jesus. Two witnesses that something is true.

43. January 2, 2019     Jenna     Exodus 2
Where Moses was pulled out of the water. Time and space alignet. Pharaohs daughter at right place. God can come into tragic situation in Innsbruck.

44. January 3, 2019     Christine      Joshua
Crossing the Jordan river - so many time and space situation coming into alignment.

45. January 5, 2019     Arthur
Ahab knew that God was mad. Jehoshaphat went to war in his kingly cloth. He got killed.

46. January 6, 2019     Megan    Ehud
Left handed. Sword to the other side. Still use it well. Sword passed the guard. Right flow with right and left hand. Blessing us where the revelation and design come together to bring alignment.

47. January 7, 2019      Arthur     Daniel
70 weeks. 3 patches of time. 62, 7, 1. Jesus on Palm Sunday fulfilled the finishes time. God is in control.

48. January 8, 2019     Ursula     Esther 1: 5-7
Time and space coming together so that Esther had favour. How does it look for Innsbruck?

49. January 9, 2019     Jenna     Judges 13
Even though he did wrong things. God still redeemed at the end of his life. Redeem his legacy.

50. January 10, 2019     Christine     Isajah 60: 1
Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. There is time and space in light.

51. January 11, 2019     Susan     Luke 2
Dedication of Jesus. He was at the right time at the temple to bless Jesus.

52. January 13, 2019     Megan     Abraham & Isaac
Finding a wife for Isaacs. Sending someone out to find one. Rebecca at the well. Her character.

53. January 14, 2019     Arthur
A person on a journey kept seeing pictures from the book Heidi. Safety and mountains. Prayer time and timing of the Holy Spirit, connecting. Safe place for parts meadow of Heidi. Process God planning ahead. Time & space fit together to bring Freedom.

54. January 15, 2019     Ursula
Peter walks on the water. Weather had to change so he could do that. Timing of weather and being on the water. His faith changed the water so he could walk on.

55. January 16, 2019     Jenna     Acts 1 & 2
Ascension and filling of the Holy Spirit. Timing of Pentecost. Blessing for believers in Innsbruck to wait for the right timing.