Our Vision

Vienna is the birthplace of modern psychology. Freud, Adler and Frankel defined the three pillars of the psychological movement that has enriched our understanding of human functionality in community.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:23, God says we are spirit, soul and body. It is our passion to add the third and finest piece of truth to the equation. We have come far in understanding of how to heal the body and the soul. Now we need to heal the spirit.

The human spirit is designed to lead the soul and the body, but it needs to be restored and empowered in order to do that.

We bring to Austria a set of tools that will add the next step in the understanding of the human being, as God created us to function.

Through seminars and personal ministry, we want to raise up a generation of Christians who can lead with their spirit and bring about a new style of inner healing that includes the best tools for the spirit, soul and body.