Arthur Burk

Arthur BurkI am a learner. That reality was massively obscured during the requisite penal servitude in home schools, religious institutions and secular universities. But once I escaped the mandatory inculcation of things I was told I needed to know, but didn't really, the world became a beautiful place. I exult in the time honored process of observing the apparent reality meticulously, ruminating deeply and receiving illumination from the Holy Spirit.

I am a worshipper. Music and I coexist cautiously, meeting rarely. But I am a connoisseur of the artistry of the Father, our Great King and of the Holy Spirit. Whether in the pages of Scripture or in the news, in the majesty of nature or the complexity of community, I see more than most of the fingerprints of my God, and I worship inwardly, passionately, as well as expressing some of the moments to others, through my beloved word pictures.

I am a gambler - an obsessive compulsive gambler. I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours in people - the most high risk form of gambling there is. There have been many colossal losses and some big wins. As with any gambler, the occasional win keeps me in the game, against all logic.

I am a priest. I am passionate about reconciliation. I find that reconciling people with Jesus the Christ should go hand in hand with reconciling them to their design and their calling. It gives me vast joy to watch dignity emerge and blossom in a field of shame, as an individual sees the fingerprints of Father in their design and learns to call it good.

I am a businessman. I first went into business at 13 with a loan from mother. My chickens insisted on eating whether they laid eggs or not. My Mercy mother foreclosed on me and made me eat my investment. It was tragic. But since I am a learner, it was not final. Today I run an international business and thrive seeing the truths in Scripture through the value-added grid that drove many other great businessmen of yore like Noah, Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Peter, Andrew, James and John.

I am a work in process. The sign in my prayer room says it all. "Die Climbing." Whoever I am today, I will be different next month.

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Arthur Burk
February 2015