About us

Sapphire Leadership Group, LLC is our parent company. By social DNA it is a Sapphire company relentlessly producing new paradigms.

This think tank, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina is broadly lacking in the common colors of elegance. The founder, Arthur Burk, lives a lifestyle more Spartan than opulent. The teachings are more likely to be blunt than flowery. Relationships are more commonly intense than delicate. First-to-market business strategies mean many products are not as refined as the market desires.

For all that, there are some colors of elegance at SLG for those who are connoisseurs of the less common expressions of the nature of God lived out in uncommon leaders.

There is, for example, the elegance of courage as many times the founder has shared truths or taken stands that produced strong reactions. There is the elegance of vision as they dare do things most people do not even dream about. For those who have eyes to see, there is even an elegance in the way they gamble on the outcasts of society, losing often, winning occasionally, but gambling nonetheless, that a discard can once again become a treasure.

Sapphire Austria is a dramatically different kind of company, although we draw heavily on the heritage and values bequeathed by SLG. Our social DNA is Diamond, and it is our calling to reveal some new facets of the nature of God that will be catalytic to the truths you already know.

The Body of Christ is already rich with many streams of the faith. The diversity of the Body is a magnificent thing. We are not a new stream. Rather, for those who already know our God from their own perspective, we add the truths about the elegance of God manifest in our lives which will cause your own walk to be enriched and enlarged.

I am on my own passionate search for diverse expressions of the elegance of God in all of creation. Out of the overflow of my discoveries will come more revelation which, in time, we will offer for the enrichment of your journey.