Copyright Policy

Our copyright policy is simple.

  • Don't copy any of our CD albums for use outside your home.
  • Don't share downloaded audio clips that you purchased, outside the home.
  • Don't transcribe any of our material for use outside your home.

What does that look like on Monday morning?

  • You may copy the product you purchased onto as many electronic gadgets as you want to, for your family, in your home. You, your spouse, your kids and your Golden Retriever can each have a copy on their own iPod. We encourage making a personal copy of our best material for each of your parrots.
  • You may loan a CD album to others but they are not to copy it.
  • You may transcribe anything you like of our materials, but you are not to distribute copies of your transcription outside your family.

Why do we do that?

It is our policy to limit our stock to about 60 titles. We have dozens of our older teachings in the Free Audio section of the website. And we have hundreds of teachings on YouTube, also accessible for free. Only a tiny percentage of our total resources are for sale, but we make our living off those 60 titles. Therefore, for the good of the Kingdom, we ask you to honor our copyright.

To the degree that people pirate our material, to that degree we have less money to fund the research for the next product.

What about teaching our materials?

We love it! Anyone can teach anything they want from our resources as long as it is in their own words. No more than 5% of your presentation, verbal or written, can be taken word for word from our originals.