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The core of the new technique for healing the damage of SRA is to repair the spirit so the spirit can repair the soul.  This album models engaging and healing the human spirit.

This is a downloadable album of eight CDs.

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This is our second album in the series on SRA/DID.  The first workshop gave the overview, and this one looks at how to heal the human spirit.  Subsequent teachings will cover the soul and body.

Ministering to the human spirit is no longer an experimental technology.  After ten years and tens of thousands of encounters around the world, it is undeniable that this is a powerful tool.   

That said, the primary objective of the occult is to damage and alienate the human spirit.  That means you will need some extra techniques to work with the spirit of a survivor. 

This album reviews the foundational principles of the human spirit, then explores how to engage with a spirit that has learned to stay out of sight.  The theory is immediately followed by a series of live demonstrations with people at different stages in their journey.

Once one portion of the human spirit has been engaged, the challenge is to repair the damage done.  We need to deal with the curses, covenants and defilement.  That portion of the spirit is then used as the partner on the inside for locating and retrieving each of the other six portions.

The ultimate objective is to have all seven portions of the human spirit engaged, healed and installed in the Seat of Dominion, ready to participate in healing the soul.

This album is a rich blend of theory and practice as there were many live demonstrations during the workshop.  There were real people, on their own journey, not an artificial, rehearsed presentation.

This album is in English with German translation.

This album was released in 2015.

This is a downloadable album of eight CDs.


  • 1. SIF2 CD01 The Human Spirit
    € 4.00
  • 2. SIF2 CD02 The Wounded Spirit
    € 4.00
  • 3. SIF2 CD03 Ministering to the Spirit
    € 4.00
  • 4. SIF2 CD04 Overcoming Challenges
    € 4.00
  • 5. SIF2 CD05 Live Demos
    € 4.00
  • 6. SIF2 CD06 Live Demos
    € 4.00
  • 7. SIF2 CD07 Live Demos
    € 4.00
  • 8. SIF2 CD08 Precious Tools
    € 4.00
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